Happiness In A Bowl

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Sometimes you find a special snack that changes everything. I’m from Texas,USA and had never heard about smoothie bowls until my best friend Hannah introduced me to them during our trip to Bali, Indonesia. At Nalu Bowls everything is prepared with local Bali ingredients, allowing you to taste the flavours of the land and not feel guilty about indulging.

My expectation wasn’t high at all, lol. I just thought was a fruit cocktail from a local BBQ party or something similar! I was SOOOOO wrong, it was a bit a heaven inside a ice cold clay bowl.

Once I took my first bite, I could honestly say I would have slapped my mom! It was that GOOD! 

I had the ULUWATU Bowl.
Smooth Dragon Fruit Blend topped with strawberries, mango, coconut flakes & honey. Your taste buds will thank you later!

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I added extra dragon fruit on mine because it’s my favorite fruit.

My best friend had the MAVERICKS bowl.

A Nalu Bowl ORIGINAL recipe & Bali’s first REAL Acai Bowl powered by Brazil’s most famous superfood! Nalu’s secret Acai blend topped with granola, bananas, strawberries, coconut flakes & honey! Yum!

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Since I LOVE dragon fruit, I believe mine was a little better but you can’t go wrong with any bowl from Nalu Bowls!

Visit them at https://www.nalubowls.com/ or on Instagram

If you ever travel to Indonesia, YOU HAVE TO STOP AND TRY THESE BOWLS!


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