Accessible colors

Color system crafted to eliminate guesswork. System that guides you in creating accessible webisites. Seamlessely switch whole site colors, dark and light mode works out-of-box. Don't think about it, plug-and-play, just works.

Contrast Algorithm


Fluid Typography

Discover the transformative potential of fluid typography through the integration of modular scale and intrinsic design principles. This approach ensures optimal readability and aesthetic appeal while maintaining a consistent visual hierarchy and rhythm. The result? Engaging and cohesive reading experiences that resonate with users across diverse browsing environments.

Zero effort typography system

Modular Scale
One-click setup

Adaptive spacing

Our adaptive spacing system is based on intrinsically fluid scaling. That means it will understand how big component is, and how big screen size which eliminates needed for responsive spacing adjustments in most situations.

Automatic calculations

Fluid viewport scaling
Mathematical scale
Granular fine-tuning controls

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