Coconut Coffee In BaliĀ 

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Bootstrap's Cold Brew Coffee is a refreshing and healthy premium glass bottled alternative to regular coffee that's perfectly suited to SE Asia's warm climate and lifestyle.

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BALI, Kintamani Single Origin Arabica beans are cold brewed to produce a low-acid, high-caffeine smooth and refreshing chilled coffee. A sugar-free, dairy-free, healthy and organic premium coffee to drink anywhere, anytime.

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Bootstrap Beverages is a local Bali story. Started early 2015 by a couple of coffee fanatics, Bootstrap has rapidly grown to be the largest producer of Cold Brew Coffee in Bali. Bootstrap can now be found in a diverse outlet network from 5-star hotels to restaurants and beach clubs and supermarkets. The product has developed a loyal following within the local Indonesian and expat markets and is popular with the tourist markets who prefer a refreshing and healthy high-quality chilled coffee beverage over a traditional hot and milky espresso-made coffee. Bootstrap is now expanding into Jakarta and has near-terms plans to launch in Singapore, Bangkok, Kaula Lumpur and Hong Kong.

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Leanrn more about Bootstrap Coffee from their offical website or follow them on instagram.